What is Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?


What is Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services provide a professional transportation including a broad range of transport and support services for those who are recovering from chronic illnesses, which are disabled, chronically or terminally ill, and need assistance with the essential transportation. About 70% of those using NEMT services are age 65 and older, and/or disabled.

These populations with limited access to transportation can resort to dialing 911 for non-emergency medical transportation placing an undue burden on city and county emergency response systems. NEMT is the preferred form of medical transportation in non-emergency situations for transport and in situations in which family members are unavailable or cannot assist. The cost for NEMT services tends to be significantly lower than that for emergency transportation and is a more assistance than taxi service providers. Many healthcare providers including physicians, and other healthcare facilities can use NEMT as a source of transport since it reduces the missed medical appointments, and provides safe-on time travel. An NEMT can offer many solutions to the growing challenges of treating chronic conditions by providing a cost-effective ways to manage transportation between patient and medical settings on an ongoing basis.

What really distinguishes between a wheelchair taxi and non-emergency medical transportation is courtesy and reliability, plus the on-going medical training the staff and drivers has to go through on regular basis. For example, at Uniquehands NEMT drivers and employees are trained in First aid & CPR certified. Our employees undergo extensive background checks. Our team members are initially trained and also routinely trained to transport our clients with safe regulations and procedures. Its very important to keep these key points in mind when selecting a medical wheelchair transportation company.

NEMT provides consistent, efficient access to early intervention/preventive medical care for disadvantage recipients who would otherwise have no means of accessing healthcare services. As a result, providing access to preventative treatment prior to escalating healthcare needs has proven to be a less costly and more effective means of keeping low income, elderly, and disabled recipients out of hospitals and nursing homes; allowing such a individuals to remain available members of the community and live healthier independent lives while lowering overall health care costs.

Uniquehands Nonemergency Medical Transportation is has been proving courteous, safe, and reliable wheelchair medical transportation services for patients with many different health backgrounds. We can provide you and your loved one to doctor appointments, special events, shopping, hospital, dialysis, and outings



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