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Gina Burleson Bed to bed/Wheelchair-March 2021

Wally transported my Mother, for a routine Doctor’s visit, today. It was our first time to use your service. This wheelchair transport was the most pleasant ever. My Mother’s blood pressure was actually normal for her  physical. Wally  has such a professional and relaxed nature. He put me at ease immediately, and  executed  the  transport perfectly. My Mother felt so comfortable with Wally. He was so engaging, with easygoing conversation and kindness.

We will definitely be using your service, and hopefully Wally, for the next appointment.  Your transport service is a paragon for excellence. Thank you so much.🏆‼️

Alfonso N. Wheelchair/Wedding- October 2019

Hi Ayse,

Thank you for taking care of my parents transport on Saturday. Everything went very smoothly by all accounts.

George Exarhacos Ambulatory-October 2019

Thank you for doing a great job picking me up after my medical surgery.

I will highly recommend you to all my friends and relatives 🙂

Mary Faber Steps/Wheelchair Transport- July 2019
Dear Unique Hands:
I hope that UniqueHands considers Wally as much of a treasure as we do. With intelligence, compassion, and dedication to his work of helping people, Wally transported my husband Laurent to a doctor's appointment following two falls on concrete stairs, rendering him hardly able to bend his knees, unable to use one of his hands because of wrist pain, and unable to walk without personal and walker or wheelchair assistance. Saying that he provides transport hardly does justice to Wally's contribution to Laurent's health and well-being.
First, Wally and Ayse slowly helped Laurent down the 14 stairs plus from our apartment to the waiting bariatric wheelchair. Then because Ayse had another patient to help, Wally took over, wheeling Laurent into the well equipped and comfortable UH van, all the while talking gently to him to assuage his fears and give him confidence. When we arrived at the doctor's address, Wally wheeled Laurent into the office and stayed with him throughout his appointment, wheeling him from room to room for X-rays, examination, and getting a cast put on one of his arms. In addition to providing physical help, Wally helped us follow the doctor's comments.
Finally, taking us back to our apartment, Wally went beyond the call of duty to help Laurent ascend the stairs, one at a time, asking if rest was needed before tackling the next stair. Not only was he strong, but he was also perceptive to note when Laurent, who also has asthma, was out of breath, so he waited and offered encouragement.
I cannot express the appreciation we have for the service that Wally and Unique Hands gave us at a difficult time in our lives. Thank you.
Mary Faber
rita kane Recliner Wheelchair-July 2019

The hospital made arrangements with a different company to send my son to rehab by wheelchair van. That company did not show up and left my son hanging in a wheelchair outside of the hospital on a 95 degree day! then that company said they didn't have any more wheelchair vans and that they were going to move him by ambulance. Give me a freaking break! an ambulance is $3,000 and a wheelchair van is only $185! Great way for them to make money but we didn't need it. what a rip off.

I went online and found uniquehands service. They were so easy to deal with! No questions asked they showed up in under 10 minutes at the front door of the hospital.

They were kind, careful, skillful, and moved my son into the bed of the rehab facility.

From the helpful people who answer the phone to Ayse who did the actual move, this was stellar service.

Paul Holmes Ambulatory/Surgery Transport- July 2019

I got home just fine. Wally drove me and helped me a great deal as well as the young lady I spoke with on the phone a few times. I’ll be sure to mention this the next time I see Dr. Patil. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate how much you did for me today getting me home comfortably from SurgCenter of the Potomac!
 -thank you again
Paul Holmes

Frank Mendoza Ambulatory-procedure (6/24/2019)

Thanks for your fine service, Ayse was super. Will contact again for next op.

Nicholas Thimmesch Wheelchair-04/14/19

On behalf of Ambassador John McDonald, his wife Christel McDonald, the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy which Ambassador McDonald founded, members of the National Sikh Center and the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, and my self, Nicholas Thimmesch, Global Media & Communications Officer for IMTD, we would like to thank UniqueHands Medical Transport and in particular, Ayse Kurtoglu and her husband for their outstanding service. Ambassador McDonald (Retired) is 97 and for the most part, confined to a wheelchair, but remains active, especially for importation occasions: he has been invited to attend a ceremony where he would be given an award for his outstanding service to the Sikh community by members of the National Sikh Center and the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, who contacted Uniquehands to arrange his transportation. Ayse and her husband worked with all of us on every detail, were very flexible, information, professional, and most important, responsive and compassionate to the special needs of Ambassador McDonald's safe transportation. Ayse was given a detailed schedule that involved numerous stops and requirements, and she executed the plan flawlessly, arriving exactly on time at each destination. She made certain that the ambassador was safely loaded security into the vehicle and that his wife was comfortable. Once at the temple, Ayse brought the Ambassador, accompanied by his wife and myself, inside where she joined us in wearing the traditional religious head covering as well removing her shoes, all the while attending to the Ambassador. Ayse showed great sensitivity and respect to the exacting diplomacy of the event. Upon completion, she again loaded the Ambassador securely and transported all of us to our destinations: she engaged in lively conversation while executing professional driving, which made everyone comfortable. In closing, Uniquehands provided excellent service that helped make what was a complicated sensitive event an overwhelming success. We would highly recommend Uniquehands to those who are seeking exceptional professional service in the transportation of their loved ones: a very special thanks to Ayse! (CLICK HERE READ FULL STORY)

Jan Nell B Wheelchair/Medical Transportation

A most wonderful business with exceptional people!!! Can't thank them enough for what they lovingly did for my mother!!!

Dan Bellor 9/13/18-Bed to bed-wheelchair transport

Is there anybody at your company I can send a note of thanks and appreciation for your outstanding role in make this happen? I really think extra recognition is due for the great teamwork, communication, and knowledge you and your organization have demonstrated today. 

Sally Mahoney Ambulatory/After Surgery

Great service. Prompt and caring. 

Janet Mclaughli 8/16/18-Wheelchair Transport
Everything went very well; Walli (not sure of the correct spelling) was great; he was very professional and made me feel safe. Both my husband and I were impressed with him and with Unique Hands. Thank you. 
Probir (Ronnie) A. Ambulatory/Surgery Transportation

Wally was wonderful and one of the nicest and professional people I have ever worked with. I just dropped your brochures at the gastro place as well as the colon surgery place. I kept one to give to my neurologist (he once mentioned about a patient needing transport and didn't have any numbers.

Bernard Dunn Wheelchair/medical Transportation

Last July we needed someone to transport a relative to a weekly hospital appointment. After calling several companies who offered local transportation without even having a return call we were given a flyer for UniqueHands. We contacted them, arranged for them to come to our house to discuss the requirements. We agreed on a price for the services to be performed and arranged to meet where the patient would be pickup and accompany them on the first trip. They provided transportation service over the subsequent three weeks. The transportation services they provided was superb. They handled the patient with kind and gentle hands, discussed arrangements with the facility where the patient resided and medical results with the resident nurse. Should we require such transportation again we would not hesitate to call on them and recommend them without hesitation.

Janel Russell Ambulatory Transportation

Good afternoon, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services. I called at the last minute last week needing a ride and Asha was so very helpful and friendly. Pick up was a breeze and I am so happy that Wally was there to walk me to my door after being on anesthesia. I was a crying mess after surgery and he was so cool about it and didn't make me feel embarrassed or ashamed. Thanks, Wally! You guys do wonderful work and I'm sure you help so many people such as myself when family and friends are unable to take off work for medical appointments. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful company. Your service is truly appreciated. Take care

John/Judy H. Medical/Wheelchair Transportation/Stair Lift

When you are tending to the medical needs of a loved one, it is such a relief to have someone you can count on to help. That is exactly what Uniquehands provides. Reliable, compassionate, caring service to help get you to and from medical appointments. The staff at Uniquehands is there for me and for my husband. I can give my full attention to him because Uniquehands takes care of everything else and is so sensitive to our needs both physical and emotional.

Phyllis A. Medical Appointment Transportation

I can not thank enough for wonderful services received for mother. They were able to send the driver to our medical appointment when our schedule transportation failed to show up. We were late for our appointment but at the last minute Uniquehands were able to take us there and my mom had to be seen that day. So great full that they pulled out in my search!!

Mary T. Surgery Transportation/Stair Lift

My mother had surgery and she was very fragile for us to transport her to dr appointment. We can't thank Uniquehands enough for taking their time to bring my mom down 2 floors. She didn't feel any impact on wheelchair.  Driver was there when we completed our doctor visit. Thank you!!thank you!!

Glorianne L. Wheelchair Transportation/Stair lift

Recently I needed transportation to Doctor appointments for my Mother. As she was unable to navigate the stairs out of her house, I had to find a service that could not only transport her but move her safely in and out of the house. After several phone calls, a failed attempt by a different company, and much frustration- I spoke with Wally at Unique Hands. He assured me that my Mother's transport would be smooth, safe, and comfortable or there would be no charge. We were nervous but decided to trust Wally. My Mother has since had two transportation experiences with Unique Hands and we cannot express how pleased we have been. Wally expertly maneuvered her wheelchair down 5 steps, into the van, to the doctor's office, and home again. She was calm and comfortable, which of course made me very happy. I was able to ride with her in the van which was very convenient. The level of care that we have received from Unique Hands is 5 star all the way. I'm very appreciative of Wally's care and compassion!

Carolyn A.

Today, 11/6/17 was the second time I used this medical transportation company for appt for my disabled husband. Wally made each trip comfortable and worry-free. Yes, I'd recommend Uniquehands to anyone needing medical transport. I'll always ask for Wally to be our driver....he took care of all our needs, was on time, waited for us at the doctor's office and made sure to be prompt to bring us back home.

Lori Crockett

I just wanted to tell you how satisfied we were with your services. You provided transportation for my mother this week from her nursing home to a local hotel for a family get-together, and we couldn't be happier. Being able to drive her motorized wheelchair right into the van made things super easy. And the driver was friendly, courteous, prompt, and attentive. We will definitely use Uniquehands again. Thank you for a great experience!

Deborah Taylor

I have used Unique Hands on several occasions, and I highly recommend this service. Transportation is professional and prompt, drivers are friendly and sensitive to the needs of the client. 

Jenifer Ladiff

Thank you for all the wonderful help and being on time with our transportation. We couldn't have done it without you guys. 


Barbara H. Stairs/Surgery Transport

Thank you. Service was excellent. 

Paul W. 03/8/2018-Wheelchair Elderly Transport

I have used this company for several years to transport elderly mother to various medical appointments. Habib has always been very courteous and prompt, as well as a very careful driver. I highly recommend them.  

Carolyn Godbold A. 11/06/2017- Wheelchair Transport

T Today, 11/6/17 was the second time I used this medical transportation company for appt for my disabled husband. Wally made each trip comfortable and worry free. Yes, I'd recommend Uniquehands to anyone needing medical transport. I'll always ask for Wally to be our driver...he took care of all our needs, was on time, waited for us at the doctor's office and made sure to be prompt to bring us back to home. 

Christine B. 3/22/2018-Wheelchair Assistance/Wait/Transport
I'm so grateful for the work of Wally (my dad's regular driver) and Ayse (who coordinated scheduling) at Unique Hands. They're so professional and easy to work with (I often dashed out texts and emails from a different time zone) and did such a great job of getting my dad to daily cancer treatments and consultations with doctors on time. Wally didn't just get my dad to the hospital on time, he also wheeled my dad to the appropriate places within the hospital for treatments and consultations and waited for my dad at the hospital to take him back after treatment. My dad still raves about what a great job Wally did now, over a month after his treatment concluded. I live far away, so I also really appreciate that Wally kept me informed of changes in my dad's condition during the difficult treatments. Both my dad and I would strongly recommend Unique Hands to any friends or family who need the company's services.
Barbara Hanahan 10/17/2018-Wheelchair/Ambulatory Transport
Ayse was a Godsend for me.  Over the past 3 weeks, I have had numerous occasions to need wheelchair service for medical procedures, tests, surgery and doctor appointments because I was in too much pain to stand/walk and get myself there.  Ayse scheduled and handled my transport on every single occasion.  On the day after, she texted me to make sure I was doing OK.  She made sure all was well during my transports and even in getting me checked in.  If you ever have a need for such services, call Unique Hands and ask for Ayse.
Steven B. 10/22/2018-Airport Wheelchair Transport
Wally was wonderful. Thank you so much.
Jan Nell B Wheelchair/Medical Transportation

A most wonderful business with exceptional people!!! Can't thank them enough for what they lovingly did for my mother!!!