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Uniquehands Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services

With our number one customer satisfaction guarantee and ease of mind, no wheelchair person is left behind! No wonder our clients are kept choosing us for their transportation needs. Serving Non-emergency Wheelchair Transportation Services in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Montgomery County, Maryland, Fairfax, Alexandria, McLean, Arlington VA

Bed to Bed Transportation

These services are used by many family members who cannot perform the necessary accommodations and assistance because their loved one is bed-bond or on a wheelchair but needs special accommodations to be transferred out of the residence. We provide assistance for them to getting from bed to wheelchair including steps.

Nonemergency Medical Transportation

Our friendly and professional van drivers are experienced to provide non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services in the Northern Virginia areas. We are trained to provide safe, reliable transportation on time for your medical transportation needs.

Stretcher Transportation

Our staff will perform bedside to bedside gurney transport. The patient will be transported from their location with our professional staff in a comfortable stretcher. Typically used by patients coming out of surgery, who are immobile, or can't tolerate long-sits in a wheelchair.

Senior Transportation

With the growing elderly population and complexity of transportations-we decided to come out with an approach that can assist & reflect needs of our seniors.

Wheelchair Transportation

We provide NEMT transportation based on your unique, specific needs. We offer customized care & support as we deliver you safely to your destination.

Ambulatory Transportation

For same day medical procedures, such as colonoscopy, eye or oral surgery, don't worry about missing the procedure, we can assist & complete your transportation.

Want all your Accessible Non-emergency Medical Transportation needs to be met?

Do you need a ride to doctor's appointment or other destination and need assistance getting out of the residence? We can help...Bed to bed transport available

Uniquehands Nonemergency Medical Transportation PROMISE


Uniquehands provide Medical Transport to many healthcare providers!

Our services consist with safe solutions whether it is only follow-up appointment or after procedure/surgery transport to most complicated needs e.g. Stretcher or Gurney transports.