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Uniquehands Nonemergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Services

With our number one customer service satisfaction and ease of mind, 'no wheelchair or stretcher person is left behind'! No wonder our clients are kept choosing us for their medical transportation needs. Serving Non-emergency Wheelchair Transportation and Stretcher Transportation Services in Northern Virginia and Prince William Counties; including Fairfax, Woodbridge, Manassas, Burke, Springfield, Gainesville, and surrounding cities.

Assistance while Transporting

These services are used by members who cannot have access to the necessary assistance including accommodations for steps, either bed-bound or on a wheelchair but need of special accommodations so they can be transferred out of the residence. We provide assistance in getting to and from residence to destination.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Our friendly and professional medical van drivers are experienced to provide Non-Emergency Medical Wheelchair Transportation (NEMT) services in the Northern Virginia, Prince William County, and surrounding areas. We are trained to provide safe, reliable, on-time medical transportation services.

Wheelchair Transportation

Uniquehands provide Wheelchair Transportation based on the unique needs of our patients. We offer many customized plans and supports to meet each individual need. We know that every individual has a unique condition. Our patients can enjoy the ride as we transport them safely to their medical appointments.

Senior Transportation

With the growing elderly population and the complexity of needed transports-we decided to come up with an approach focused on providing care while transporting at the same time. Patients’ family members rely on us to assist, wait, and transport their loved ones while they have the freedom to continue their work or other obligations. Uniquehands make sure their loved ones be where they need to be in a timely and safe manner.

Long-Distance Stretcher

We know what it takes to transport long-distance transportation, accommodating Stretcher or Wheelchair Transportation. Uniquehands will accommodate longer distances, State to State Transports with the knowledge of circumstances with the stress, the unknowns, and the new beginnings. Uniquehands transport like we accommodating to our family members. We have traveled to many states to bring families closer, ease anxiety, and assist while transporting.

Stretcher Transport Services

As the Uniquehands, we know what it takes to accommodate a stretcher patient needs. We have outstanding equipment that is specificity used to accommodate a bed-bond patient to their destination with ease and comfort. We use state of art designed stretchers. Our patients are NOT bond to long regular stretcher beds like they are tied without freedom. We give our patients the option to be flexible in the position while they are enjoying the ride, free from hassle and bumps.

Surgery/Procedure Transportation

These services are used by patients who are having procedures but cannot drive home and they need a medical transport to safely accommodate this need. We also provide services where our trained staff stays with the patient through the procedure-as required by some surgery centers. Don't worry about missing your procedure, Uniquehands can assist, wait, and complete your transportation.

Uniquehands is more than just an Accessible Non-emergency Medical Transportation!

We have transportation services that can accommodate different individuals and conditions. We can help and we have only one policy "No One is Left Behind"

Uniquehands Nonemergency Medical Transportation PROMISE


Uniquehands provide Medical Transport to many healthcare providers!

Our services consist with safe solutions whether it is only follow-up appointment or after procedure/surgery transport to most complicated needs e.g. Stretcher or Gurney transports.