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Bed to bed transportation serving Northern Virginia and surrounding cities

Uniquehands Non-emegency Medical Transportation's bed to bed transportation service is provided for individuals who are bed ridden due to an illness or injury. These individuals either cannot put any weight on legs or bend their legs to go down the stairs. In all cases, the walking, and climbing up/down stairs is not comfortable or next to impossible. 

That’s where Uniquehands comprehensive Medical Transportation services comes in to play. We are designed to bring these individuals up/down the stairs using varies techniques that keeps them safe, comfortable, and independent. We use a comfortable high quality wheelchair for our clients. We take the wheelchair directly to the client’s bedside and using medical techniques bring them on to the wheelchair. Once our staff insures that everyone is safe then they begin the transportation process.

The individual is carried up/down the stairs while they comfortably sitting on wheelchair. After we drop off our patient to their destination, either our driver waits for them or for longer visitations they will be in touch with you to reserve the transportation time back to the residence.

We provide medical transportation to all ages, children to seniors, include medical and wheelchair transportation. Based on specific needs of our clients we can accommodate all type of request

Why Uniquehands is Great


Uniquehands NEMT provides 24/7 customer service
Our friendly, professionals medical transportation coordinators are on stand by 24/7 to answer all your questions, concerns, and direct you to right information.


Years of experience serving in our communities
We understand the struggle of choosing the right Medical Transportation for yourself or your family member. With more than 10 years of healthcare and transportation experience we can assure you that we have what it needs to ease your mind. 


Customer Satisfaction 100%
We do not complete a transportation without ensuring all your expectations are meet and the customer is satisfied with all of our services!

Drivers and staff are continuous trained
This ensures that our customers always receive care and respect they need all the time.


Vehicles that meets each individuals needs
Some of our clients likes to sit closer to front, some like more privacy in the back. Based on specific request, we can provide specific vehicle to our clients. This makes them comfortable and gives independence to their chooses. 

We are specialized in wheelchair medical transports, bed to bed transportation, and stretcher transportation!

 We assist our  patients at their destination, help with discharge documents, ensure their safety, and transport them back to their destination.

When you need the ride to a doctor appointment (or other destination) also need assistance getting out of the residence Uniquehands is there to serve you!

Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland (Montgomery County), Washington D.C 

Serving all members in our Community

Make Your Reservation Today

Uniquehands provide 24/7 on-call service assistance that can accomodate special request to our residence. We can provide consulting and assistance services with one click of a call. We are experienced in medical, wheelchair, disabled, and patient transportation. 

or call: (571) 970-1828

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