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Ambulatory Transportation

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Ambulatory and Doctor Appointment Transportation

Ambulatory transportation and doctor appointment transportation is focused on patients that are able to walk independently, use a cane or walker. Ambulatory patients are generally independent, able walk on their own or receive some assistant but due to circumstances, such as either they are under anesthesia during a procedure or other health concerns, they are unable to drive. This may limit their mobility and ability to safely travel back to the residence.

If you and your loved one, or a patient need these services, then you need Uniquehands Non-emergency Medical Transportation! We are specialized in medical transports and doctor appointment transports! We assist our patients at their destination, sign-in/sign-out at their appointments to ensure they are signed-in appropriately, on-time, ready to be seen, and start receiving proper treatment. After the doctor appointment, we will transport back to the residence and provide any form of assistance they may need in the process. Ensure they are safe and relax before we complete our transportation!

We provide medical transportation to all ages, children to seniors, include medical and wheelchair transportation. Based on specific needs of our clients we can accommodate all type of request

We provide safe and reliable patient transportation services for:

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    After surgery/procedure 
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    Colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures
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    Doctors appointment
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    Physical Therapy
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    Hospital Discharge
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    Dental Procedures
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    Urgent Care and Clinic Visits

We are specialized in medical transports and doctor appointment transports! We assist our medical surgery patients at their destination, help with discharge documents, to ensure their safety and transport them back to their destination

When you need the ride to a doctor appointment (or other destination) also need assistance getting out of the residence Uniquehands is there to serve you!

Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland (Montgomery County), Washington D.C 

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Uniquehands provide 24/7 on-call service assistance that can accomodate special request to our residence. We can provide consulting and assistance services with one click of a call. We are experienced in medical, wheelchair, disabled, and patient transportation. 

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